The following book is a work in progress. It is posted here for free to encourage critique and discussion. Please send me your comments!

(Only volume one is available at this time, the others will be published at a later date.)

Volume One: A Rational Philosophy of Government

"A Rational Philosophy of Government" derives the simple underlying philosophy, which justifies the need for government and its limited role in the lives of its citizens. It motivates the need for a government to be efficient, self-correcting, systematic, rational, understandable, and fair.

Volume Two: A Complete System of Government

"A Complete System of Government" uses the philosophy of Volume one to present the details of how the government should exert control over its inhabitants and the inhabitants of other countries.

Volume Three: The Transition

"The Transition" is strictly a description, detailing one way to make the transition from our current U.S. system of government to the proposed system.

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